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Winter Trickling

Winter Trickling 

The District promotes water conservation as one of our core principles, but we also share residents’ concerns about historic winter freezing problems. To reduce the potential for freezing of water mains and individual service lines, the District promotes the practice of “trickling” defined herein, for the following addresses within the District:

  • 226 Mine Rd.
  • 1194 Mine Rd.
  • 1212 Mine Rd.
  • 1228 Mine Rd.
  • 76 Alice Rd.
  • 186 Alice Rd.
  • 200 Alice Rd.
  • 11 Elk Ct.
  • 28 Elk Ct.
  • 29 Elk Ct.
  • 41 Elk Ct.
  • 75 Elk Ct.
  • 91 Elk Ct.
  • 125 Elk Ct.
  • 181 Elk Ct.
  • 44 Little Creek Rd.
  • 50 Little Creek Rd.
  • 86 Little Creek Rd.
  • 34 Little Creek Rd.
  • 140 Little Creek Rd.
  • 152 Little Creek Rd.

 “Trickling” as defined by the District is the practice of opening a singular (one) cold-water sink faucet within the occupied, heated residence to allow the trickle flow of water down the drain at the sink. Trickle flow is no more than 3 ounces of flow per minute (fill a shot glass in 30 seconds or a ¼ measuring cup in 40 seconds).  That works out to about 34 gallons per day.  It’s extremely important to not exceed this amount.  No other form of “trickling” is supported by the District.

Please note that flowing more water doesn’t improve chances to prevent freezing, but directly increases the District’s operating costs, and reduces the available water supply to other residents and to fight fires. The District will apply a 50 gallon per day meter demand discount to all participating residences until May 1, 2020.

If your address is not listed above and you have evidence of water service winter freezing problems, please contact the District to be interviewed for addition to the Approved Residence List for “Trickling”.

St. Mary's Glacier Water and Sanitation District 
(970) 617-2464