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Great news for our community, just in time for the Holiday Season! St. Mary's Glacier Water and Sanitation District was informed that we will be receiving a $1,000,000 grant from the Energy and Mineral Assistance Fund in Colorado! So many people in our community contributed to this effort. A big thank you to the previous Water and Sanitation Distirct Board members for their courage to take the hard steps that made all of this possible. Their actions allowed the community to seek and obtain a $3,000,000 loan from CDPHE. Peggy Dowsell, Jim Nikkel and others at Pinnacle Consulting Group worked tirelessly to get that 0% interest loan for our community, after months of work to stabilize our district financially. With that loan came the first grant: $250,000 for Design and Engineering for our water distribution system. Shortly after that, we were thrilled to find out that CDPHE gave our community their version of a grant, which resulted in $1,200,000 in loan forgiveness. Special thanks to Bob Orsatti (Water Project Engineer), Jim Nikkel (District Manager) and Bruce Hohne (Board President) for presenting our grant request to the Energy Mineral Assistance Advisory Board in Alamosa in November. It was a very long drive to provide a short presentation on behalf of our community. Thanks, too, to Frank Brown, who is an exceptionally gifted "ambassador" for our community. Without Bob and Frank, the grant application would never have happened. And, of course, thanks to Glenn Clark and Jason Yoho for their willingness to put in the work and make the hard decisions. The Water District has come a long way! Happy Holdiay's, St. Mary's!

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(In repsonse from Frank Brown)

It was definitely a great team effort, however, you should take an extra bow. Even while you were buried with responding to Bill's new cancer diagnoses and all of the chemo and radiation appointments, you still managed to write this grant and keep the project on track. That was truly an amazing feat! I'm happy Bill is doing so much better!


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