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Board Meeting: 9/27/21

Sept. 27, 2021 @ 6pm

Alice Schoolhouse,  270 Silver Creek Road, Idaho Springs, CO or Via WebEx (link below)



Webex Meeting Number: 126 189 7640 Webex Password: 12345

Teleconference Number: 1-408-418-9388 Telephone Access Code: 126 189 7640

Construction Update: 9/27/21

On Thursday, Sept. 90, 2021 Crest Drive will be closed between Crest Way and Mine Road, to the south. Brook Drive will be closed to through traffic with work concentrating approximately 100' in each direction from 609 Brook Drive. Our contractors will be going door to door to notify those affected. 

Multiple small excavations will be open on Fall River Road at the hydrant near Silver Lake Condos, Alice Drive (South End at Fall River Road) and at Well House 1, traffic impacts are expected to be minor at this time. Lower Alice Drive will close mid-week with heavy equipment moving along Alice Drive, Brook Drive, Fall River Road, and Mine Road. Access to upper Alice Drive will be via Mine Road. Stuart Vista Court will remain open with ongoing construction at Well House 3 and an HDD Bore. 

Construction traffic and heavy equipment will be active throughout the work areas and from material stockpiles and the construction yard along Fall River Road down to Stuart Vista Court and Alice Drive. Please watch out for trucks and heavy equipment in the road and please do not pass them without a signal from them. Please keep a watchful eye for workers, SLOW DOWN when driving through construction zones, and prepare for road closures, detours, and potential delays.

Planned Winterland Water Outage: 10/5/21

On Tuesday October 5th at 7:00am, we will be turning water off to the entire Winterland sub-division. This shutdown should not last more than 12 hours. But there is always the potential for a longer shutdown. We will do our best to limit the length of the shutdown and notify you of updates to your service.

In preparation of that work, Crest Drive will be closed from Crest Way to Mine Road and Brook Drive will be closed to thru traffic approximately 100’ in either direction of 609 Brook Drive. These road closures will last from Thursday 9/30/2021 – 10/7/2021.

Once water service has been restored, please open all your faucets, and run water until all air has been purged from the system. This may take 10-20 minutes and some sediment may be noticed. This is normal.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any concerns, questions or special needs during these closures and shutdowns.

Thank You,

St. Mary's Glacier Water & Sanitation District 


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Wastewater System Improvements

  • Sanitary Sewer Main Video Surveillance & Jetting: Finishing up project by Triple S. 
  • Brook Drive Water Project - Seeking Construction Pricing
  • Elk Court/Circle Sanitation Project - Seeking Construction Pricing

Phase II Water Improvements: Underway by CGRS

  • Watermain replacement along Alice Drive
  • Wellhouse #3 replacement & sanitary sewer replacement
  • Alice Booster Station replacement
  • Water tank renovation and improvements