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Service Line Responsibility

Please be advised that as we get further into winter, it is very possible that the water service line to your property could experience freezing if the service line is not buried to a depth to prevent freezing. 

Per the District's Rules and Regulations -  SERVICE LINE: The water line extending from the property, building, establishment or grounds up to and including the connection to the Distribution Main. Service Lines shall be owned by the property owner and maintained and repaired at the property owner's sole expense. 

Due to liability concerns arising from working on service lines that belong to the property owner, the District will not be providing service line thawing operations this winter. If you should find that your service line is frozen, you can contact any welding serivce that has portable welders, such as Cooks Welding (970-389-2733), to have your service line defrosted. 

Additionally, if you are going to be away from your property for an extended period of time, it is best if the Service Line is shutt off and the water is blown out to prevent freezing of the line. The first turn on and off of the curb stop of each year is free, and additional occurances are $50.